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Almond Crunch Raw Chocolate Bar 2oz

This bar is packed with almonds, to create the closest experience of chocolate-covered almonds in a bar form. With a tad of cardamom. Ingredients: raw cacao*, raw coconut nectar*, raw almonds, raw coconut sugar*, raw cacao nibs*, spices*, Himalayan salt (*=organic).

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I love almonds with chocolate; in fact, I like chocolate covered almonds even more. So I packed this bar with almonds to have the closest experience of chocolate covered almonds in a bar form. I also added a twist to the experience – adding a tad of cardamon. Did you know, according to Ayurveda, that cardamon helps balance the effect of stimulants in our body. Cacao is actually low in caffeine, and higher in Theobromine. Both are stimulants but Theobromine is considered healthier. In any case, why not cover all bases and have a little cardamon to hopefully take care of both!