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Organic Raw Lucuma Powder 8oz

Lucuma, also known as the “Gold of the Inca”, is a delicious South American fruit that provides a low-glycemic natural sweetness with a smooth, fragrant maple-like flavor.

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Lucuma is the low glycemic sweet fruit of the Lucuma obovata tree.  This flavorful fruit with a maple-like flavor is cultivated in the valleys of the South American Andes mountain range.  This sweet superfood was revered by the Inca who consumed this rich creamy fruit for thousands of years, earning the yellow fruit pulp of the Lucuma the Peruvian nickname “Gold of the Inca”.  It is packed with nutrients such as beta carotene, vitamin b3, protein, iron, zinc, and calcium.

This fruit is an amazing natural sweetener that does cause blood sugar spikes and crashes due to the low glycemic index of lucumaIn Peru and many other countries lucuma is a popular ice cream flavor, preferred to even chocolate due to its unique rich creamy texture and sweet flavor.

This powder consists of finely ground fruit pulp that is air-dried at temperatures below 46°C.  The creamy, maple like sweet flavor of this powder is perfect for superfood smoothies, mixes well with flours for baking healthy desserts, and is a great low-glycemic replacement for other sweeteners.

Vitamin A
B Vitamins

USDA Organic


Artisan Brands works directly with small sustainable family farms where fresh Peruvian mountain air, pristine pure spring and rain water, and ancient volcanic soil provide optimum growing conditions for our Organic Raw Lucuma.  Our intimate relationship with the small farms that directly provide our fruit allows us to ensure that our pure lucuma products consist of only the best quality fruit hand picked during peak ripeness.