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Organic Raw Golden Berries 16oz

The Golden Berry, aka Incan Berry, is a South American superfood fruit with amazing vitamin C content. This tart, sweet berry has been used for thousands of years by the natives of the Andes.

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Golden Berries, also known as “inca berries” and “gooseberries” are golden-orange grape-sized berries from the physalus peruviana bush that grows naturally in the mineral rich soil of the Peruvian Andes mountains.  Golden Berries were heavily cultivated and consumed by the Inca for thousands of years, making it an important heritage food for the natives of South America.


These superfood antioxidant packed berries have a deliciously lively and unique sweet, tart, tangy citrus flavor.  These sweetly tangy berries contain an incredible 16% protein, amazingly high for a fruit. These Incan berries are an adaptogen, meaning that consuming Golden Berries boosts the bodies immune functions in times of stress.

Our Wholesale Organic Raw Golden Berries are a potent source of vitamin c, beta carotene, phosphorous, niacin (vitamin b3), thiamine, vitamin b2, vitamin b1, vitamin b12, and protein.  These amazing superfood berries contain powerful antioxidant, anti-histamine, and anti-inflammatory properties. The seeds of Golden Berries are known to contain compounds that aid in digestion, meaning that consuming these Golden Berries is a gentle natural way to promote digestive regularity and health.

Organic Raw Golden Berries are an amazing source of bioflavonoids, compounds renowned and studied for their amazing antiviral, anti-sclerotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, and antioxidant capabilities. Bioflavonoids are intrumental in maintaining and improving healthy circulation and blood pressure through preventing the accumulation of athersclerotic plaque in the blood vessels, making Organic Raw Golden Berries a powerful aid in maintaining healthy capillaries.

Vitamin C

Wild Crafted
Gluten Free
Dairy Free

USDA Organic


The Raw Food Worlds Organic Raw Golden Berries are cultivated in small batches in their native Peruvian Andean mountain environment by small sustainable local family farms.  These superfood Inca Golden Berries are grown in pristine Andean soil and fed mineral rich living mountain spring water that flows through beautiful natural channels through the slopes of the Peruvian Andes.  These berries are hand picked at the peak of their ripeness for maximum flavor and vitamin content, then sun dried at temperatures well below 46°C