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Organic Raw Camu Camu 4oz

This small, grape-like, tart fruit is native to the Amazon basin. Shade-grown deep in the Amazon of Peru and hand-harvested on small canoes, our Camu Camu is loaded with phytonutrients, antioxidants, and vitamin C.

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Camu Camu is a bushy tree that grows on the banks of rivers in the Amazon esteemed by the natives of South America for centuries.  The Myrciaria dubia bush bears a small red-purple fruit similar in form to a grape.  The purplish red skin protects the yellow pulp and when freeze dried and gently ground our Organic Raw Camu Camu is a super fine, bioavailable reddish purple superfood powder.  This tangy, citrus-like tasting superfood contains over 60 times the vitamin C of an orange.  This fruit is loaded with free radical neutralizing bioflavonoids and the amino acids leucine, valine, and serine.  The camu camu plant is esteemed by the natives of the Peruvian Amazon who have known of the therapeutic benefits of the fruit for hundreds of years.

This semi-sweet and tangy Vitamin-C packed superfood is the perfect mineral loaded addition to smoothies, raw vegan desserts, and superfood formulations.  Containing more vitamin C by volume of any known plant in the world, it contains about 2grams of vitamin C per 100grams of Organic Raw Camu Camu fruit – that is 500,000ppm vitamin C in our Organic Raw Camu Camu Powder as opposed to the vitamin C offered by Oranges that contain up to 176,000ppm of Vitamin C.  The amazingly high level of therapeutically beneficial compunds in this sweet tangy fruit make it a wonderful whole food source of immune boosting vitamin C and antioxidants.  Organic Raw Camu Camu is a nutrient dense natural immune enhancer that promotes healthy skin, teeth, gums, and hair and helps protect the body against free radicals.

The natural rutin and bioflavonoids present in this Organic Raw Camu Camu Powder increase the bioavailablility of the tremendous amount of vitamin c that the Amazon superfruit is esteemed for.  This fantastic superfood  is loaded with 10 times the trace minerals, like Iron, than is present in oranges.  It  also contains twice as much phosphorous, protein, beta carotene, vitamin b3,b2, b1, and calcium than is present in oranges.

Vitamin C

Amazon Rainforest
Shade Grown
Wild Crafted
Gluten Free
Dairy Free

USDA Organic


Here at The Raw Food World we form personal relationships with all suppliers of our products.  Working directly with small sustainable family farms allows us to ensure our Our Raw Organic Wildcrafted Camu Camu Powder is organic, environmentally friendly, and produced in a sustainable way.  Our close relationship with our producers ensures they are paid fair prices and allows us to offer only the purest, highest quality wholesale organic raw camu camu.  The direct relationship with small farms and our state of the art processing methods and facilities give Alpha Naturals the ability to provide wholesale Organic Raw Wildcrafted Camu Camu harvested sustainably by indigenous small family farmers – this product is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and integrity.

Alpha Naturals offers bulk Organic Raw Camu Camu that is wild crafted, vine ripened, and hand picked from the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest.  It is harvested deep in the rainforest indigenous Peruvian locals using sustainable traditional methods of loading small batches onto one man canoes.  The fruit is then flash frozen and gently freeze dried at peak ripeness to ensure maximum vitamin and mineral quality, then milled into a fine powder.