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Organic Raw Cacao Powder 16oz

High in magnesium and selenium, our Raw Organic Cacao Powder is the dry solids from the Theobroma cacao beans, with the oil removed. Ideal for beverages, smoothies, baking, or as a source of quick energy.

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Our Cacao Powder contains only the purest Peruvian Heirloom Cacao available.  After the raw beans are air-dried and stone ground into pure cacao paste the oils are cold pressed and separated at temperatures under 46° Celsius: the dried chocolate solids after separation from the natural oils is then finely ground into cacao powder.   Our cacao powder consists of the cacao solids and often retains over 12% of its original fat content due to the truly raw low temperature processing of our products. Our mineral rich, energizing, mood boosting raw chocolate powder is hydroscopic (dissolves in liquids) making it perfect for hot or cold superfood drinks and smoothies as well as a healthy flavorful powder for use in cooked and baked foods.


Wild Crafted
Gluten Free
Dairy Free

USDA Organic


Our beans are hand selected from mature heirloom Criollo trees that are harvested on small family farms in the lush Amazon basin of Peru.  These rare and sought after mature heritage trees yield premium Criollo Cacao with amazing flavor and nutrient content.  The cultivation of our Premium Cacao promotes reforestation and preservation of the precious Amazon Rainforest by supplying locals with income dependent on the maintenance and protection of old growth trees. The cultivation of our cacao depends on old growth trees whose roots travel deep into the Amazon soil to pull out nutrients stored for centuries in the lively soil of the rainforest, making our product more mineral rich and sustainable than mass produced hybrid strains designed to maximize yield in less time.  The fruit of these mature heirloom trees is picked and the seeds are air-dried with the pulp in small batches in our sterile facility where they are carefully monitored and managed during the fermentation process that gives our unique Premium Cacao an incredible flavor profile in their raw and unadulterated state.