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Organic Gelatinized Maca 16oz

Maca is an Andean superfood esteemed by the Inca as a source of vitality, fertility, energy, and power. This powerful root only grows at extremely high elevations in the Peruvian Andes. Maca is a potent whole food source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids and a highly popular superfood worldwide. Gelatinized Maca is a more bioavailable form of Maca, ideal for anyone with a sensitive stomach.

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The Raw Food Worlds Organic Gelatinized Maca is our organic maca root in its most easily digestible form.  Our organic Premium Gelatinized Maca is composed of a mix of red, black, and cream colored varieties treated with high pressure at a temperature of 82°Celsius.  This process, developed by the National University of Agriculture of La Molina, unfolds the long chains of starches under carefully controlled levels of humidity and temperature.  The resulting product is a higher concentrated form of maca that is more easily digestible and water-soluble.  This lightly cooked powder is closer to the traditional method of preparation of the maca root that was perfected by the Inca thousands of years ago.

Our wholesale Organic Premium Wholesale Gelatinized Maca is the best for those with sensitive stomachs whose bodies may not be able to fully assimilate raw maca.  It is the Incan superfood in the most bioavailable and easily digested form.

Amino Acids
Calcium Phosphorous
Vitamin C
Vitamin E

Wild Crafted
Gluten Free
Dairy Free

USDA Organic


Our Organic Raw Premium Maca is the raw, air-dried fine powder of a cruciferous Lepidium meyenii root that grows only at high elevations of 3500 meters above sea level in the Andes of South America.  Our maca rootis cultivated on small family owned farms in the plateaus of the Peruvian Andes mountains where pristine air and immaculate spring water feeds this root that thrives where few other plants can survive.  The personal relationships that have developed between ourselves and the small farms that produce these superfoods allows us to guarantee that only the highest quality and integrity product is supplied by Alpha Naturals.  This product is harvested by hand in small sustainable family farms high in the Andes of Peru and air-dried before it is milled into a fine powder at temperatures below 46°C.   Our intimate relationship with the family farmers of our Maca gives Alpha Naturals access to the highest purity and integrity product in the world and unrivaled quality control.

Our Organic Raw Premium Maca is independently lab tested before it is approved by Alpha Naturals for wholesale export to ensure only the highest quality, purest superfoods reach our customers.