Green Lentil Sprouting Seeds, 1Lb [Organic]

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Product Information

Sprouts of lentils, beans, pulses and other edible seeds are being used as nutrient rich, healthy foods since time immemorial. The endosperm of the seed is a miniature storehouse for the essential nutrients required for healthy functioning of our body system. When the seeds germinate, maximum energy is released for the developing plants, which we gain after consuming them as sprouts. Also, sprouts are a versatile food item, which you can have raw or prepare in different methods.

Try sprouting lentils at home. It is so easy that after going through this article, I am sure you will consider making them at home every time you plan to have sprouted lentil salads or other recipes. But, let's first take a brief look about the several health benefits of sprouts.

Sprouted Lentil Benefits

Lentils are a rich source of proteins, vitamin B, folate, iron, dietary fiber and minerals. Nevertheless, similar to any other sprouts, the nutritional content of lentils are much higher when they are in the sprouting or germinating phase. Or in other words, sprouting lentils benefits are incomparable to any other foods, as they are enriched with all the type of nutrients that are crucial for the development of the plants.

In a nutshell, benefits of sprouted lentils include increased proteins, vitamins and minerals along with ease in digestion. Considering the several health benefits of sprouts, more and more food items based on sprouted lentils have been introduced in the market. One such item that is worth a try is the sprouted grain bread, made exclusively from sprouts. Devoid of yeast, this bread is also an excellent nutritive choice for those who are restricted from yeast based foods.