Hulled Oats (Oat Groat) Sprouting Seeds, 1Lb [Organic]

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Product Information

"In less than eight months, with little change in diet and minimal exercise because of arthritic knees, my triglycerides had dropped from 198 to 120, and my LDL numbers went from 121 to 98."  - Les Clark

Les was diagnosed with high cholesterol in February of 2009 after trying for a year to lower it with diet and exercise. His doctor prescribed cholesterol-lowering medications that he took for several months but quit because of their side affects.

His brother, Jeff Clark, a naturopathic physician, recommended he try raw oat groats to help lower his cholesterol numbers. "Raw (unkilned) organic oat groats are sometimes called sprouting oats or Scottish oats. Oat groats are the unbroken inner oat seed kernels with the outer husks removed. Oat groats have not been cooked nor heat treated in any way. They are living seeds that will sprout." (Excerpted from Raw Oats for Gastrointestinal Health Copyright 2009 Jeff Clark, ND. A complete copy of his paper is available upon request.)

Les soaked 2/3 cup of raw oat groats in 1 1/2 cups of water overnight. In the morning he used a blender to chop up the groats into smaller pieces, adding a little cinnamon, yogurt or blueberries. He commented that the groats had a nice nutty, almost sweet flavor. (You might want to start with a smaller serving every couple of days until your gut environment acclimates to the raw groats. Using a blender helps break down the mixture into a pleasant and digestible consistency.)

He ate this for breakfast two to three times a week until his next blood test in September of 2009, which revealed the good news. His total cholesterol dropped from 190 to 157, triglycerides went from 198 to 120, LDL from 121 to 98, VLDL from 40 to 24, and his HDL improved from 29 to 35, still low but almost normal range.