Garbanzo Sprouting Seeds, 1Lb [Organic]

Manufacturer Name: RawFood World / Sprouting
SKU: S1018

Product Information

Chickpea sprouts, also known as garbanzo bean sprouts, are a protein-rich, high-carbohydrate food made from chickpeas. The sprouting process is simple -- you merely soak the chickpeas in water overnight, then rinse and drain the chickpeas several times daily until visible sprouts, which look like white tails, emerge from the chickpeas. These chickpea sprouts are relatively low in calories, so you can consume them even when dieting.


Chickpea sprouts are low in fat, as each 100 g serving contains 4 g of fat. Of this fat, only 1 g comes from saturated fat, a type of fat that may increase your risk of heart disease when you eat too much of it. The American Heart Association suggests a daily limit of less than 16 g of saturated fat to reduce cardiovascular disease risk.


Chickpea sprouts are a rich source of protein. Each 100 g serving contains 10 g of protein, which is 2 g more than a cup of milk provides. Protein is vital for your overall health, so the Institute of Medicine suggests that you eat 0.8 g of protein daily for each kilogram of body weight.


Chickpea sprouts are also a rich source of carbohydrates. A 100 g serving of the sprouts provides 24 g of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are your body's primary source of energy, so carbohydrate-rich foods such as chickpea sprouts can be good choices for pre-exercise meals.


One type of carbohydrate chickpea sprouts provide is dietary fiber; each 100 g serving contains 3 g. Dietary fiber is important because it promotes feelings of fullness, helps stabilize blood sugar levels and may help reduce your cholesterol levels.

Vitamins and Minerals

Chickpea sprouts are high in vitamin C, with 45 percent of the daily suggested intake in each 100 g serving. Chickpea sprouts also contain 16 percent of the daily suggested iron intake in an 100 g serving.